Our Services

Grass Nerds

Our Nerds are the best thing we offer! They care about you and your lawn and they will be sure to find solutions you are looking for.

Lawn Care

We have Greenville Lawn Care programs for all grass types & budgets. Call us to choose which program is right for you & your lawn. You will be happy you did!

Shrub Care

Protect your investment!   Shrubbery & ornamental trees add significant value & pleasure to your outdoor living area.  Keep them healthy & growing by choosing our 5 visit program.

Disease & Insect Control

The landscaping of your home & business says a lot about you. Protect your turf & shrubs from harmful pests & diseases that GRASSnerds can easily help you avoid.

Aeration & Over Seeding

Let our Nerds bring life back to your soil.  Does your lawn need to loosen up?  A seasonal aeration &/or an over seeding can be imperative in order for you to have the lawn you deserve.