Life happens fast! So does fungus! Contact our technicians who will be able to diagnose and treat your lawn for any diseases. You will be happy you did!

Lawn Fungus Prevention

Does your lawn look a little different?

If it looks patchy or discolored lawn disease could be the issue. Some common diseases are Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Powdery Mildew, and Rust Disease. 

There are a few causes of lawn disease like stressful weather conditions (e.g. temperature, rainfall, and humidity) and improper lawn care (e.g. watering and mowing). 


Call Grass Nerds and our trained technicians will come out to consult on what could be causing the issue and treat.

Because there are so many types of disease it is always good to send Grass Nerds pictures of what you are seeing so we can identify and treat appropriately. If you notice any of these please don’t let it go for too long.

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