In the south, fescue aeration and overseeding is a necessity. At Grass Nerds, we only use the highest quality product to ensure your yard will thicken up from a rough summer. You will be happy you did!

Aeration Program

Let our Nerds bring life back to your soil.

Does your lawn need to loosen up? Seasonal aeration and/or overseeding can be imperative in order for you to have the lawn you deserve. Core Aeration will allow air and water to help penetrate the grass root zone and help to bring helpful soil nutrients up to the surface. This will help the existing grass to thicken up as well as the new seed to take root quickly.

Overseeding Program

In the south, yearly over seeding Fescue Grass is an essential component to a healthy fescue turf and successful lawn care program. The southern heat puts large amounts of stress on the cool season turf and can have damaging effects on the turf throughout the hot summer months. 

The fall aeration and seeding will help to fill in those damaged areas along with thickening up the rest of the lawn for the next spring season! 

Grass Nerds treats the target areas in your yard to ensure you can enjoy your outside living space.

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