Why GRASSnerds?

Our Mission

To create a healthy landscape that will touch your lives & add value to your property while being mindful of the environment.

Our Story

Many moons ago we began learning how a landscape should be designed and enjoyed. Through these experiences & studies we encountered all of the many challenges nature imposes on an outdoor living area. Both beautiful & cruel, nature is essential to our health & well being.

We found that there are many options for keeping a lawn looking good. We also understand the need for those like you who want to work with a Greenville Lawn Care provider that is truly passionate about what they do. Most importantly, we know that you & your lawn deserve a professional approach when being cared for. We want you to have the best customer experience possible, so we created GRASSnerds. Its easy when you are what you are…& we are…​GRASSnerds.

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If your lawn isn’t where you want it to be,

Let our Nerds Fix It!